Child Custody Attorney

During divorces, many parents have concerns about how their relationship with their children will change after the divorce. It’s an understandable concern, considering that everyone’s lives will change radically after the divorce. But don’t worry! As long as you understand Watertown child custody laws and are willing to reach a compromise with your former spouse, you and your kids will continue to have a great relationship in your new life after the divorce.

With a Watertown child custody attorney, you and your former spouse can begin building a parenting plan based on the type of legal and physical custody that you both can agree on. “Sole legal custody” is where one parent has the responsibility to make decisions for the child whereas “shared legal custody” means that both parents can collectively make decisions on behalf of the children. Generally, both parents vote to have “shared legal custody” to both continue their role as parents to the child. Physical custody, on the other hand, will depend on what you and your former spouse consider to be in the best interest of the children “sole physical custody” doesn’t mean that one parent will be the only one to have a relationship with the children. There will be an arranged schedule so that the other parent can see their children on a frequent basis. This option is ideal for a parent who travels frequently or has an occupation that takes up a majority of their time. “Shared physical custody” allows for children to travel back and forth between parents. This type of physical custody would require you and your former spouse to create a schedule that works for everyone. The parenting plan includes holidays, weekends, vacations, and other times of the year for which you both will need to compromise on. In hiring a child custody attorney to help guide you and your former spouse through the parenting plan process, you and your family will have the type of child custody arrangements that ensure all of you have a healthy, happy relationships after the divorce.