Child Support & Alimony Lawyer

Life after a divorce can be financially challenging. With the anger and resentment that often stems from a divorce, your former spouse may have stopped or refused to continue paying for child support, alimony, or both. In such cases, the custodial parent is left to bear the weight of providing for a family with no support. Don’t let your former spouse get away with putting you and your loved ones in such financial hardship. In hiring an experienced child support lawyer, you and your attorney can bring your former spouse to justice so that you and your kids can be taken care of.

In regards to child support, your former spouse’s contributions are necessary for you to be able to pay for the children’s housing, medical costs, education costs, food, clothing and more. And this 's hard to afford on one’s own – which is why it is illegal for the noncustodial parent to neglect to pay child support. Sometimes, your former spouse will try to create a verbal agreement with you in order to give you support outside of the involvement of the law. Although you may want to be on good terms with your former spouse, this is a mistake. If your former spouse continues to neglect to pay child support repeatedly, you will need a Watertown child support lawyer to fight for your rights.

Alimony, or spousal support, has its own sets of laws that require a skilled Watertown alimony attorney. Alimony in Watertown, governed by Massachusetts law, states that alimony is rewarded based on the length of the marriage, the loss of economic opportunity, health, education, and other variables that determine if the spouse qualifies for alimony. Sometimes, your former spouse will decide on their own that you no longer need that support. However, it is not up to them to decide. You and an alimony attorney will need to take your former spouse to court in order to reaffirm the need for spousal support.

Although life after divorce can be financially difficult, it doesn’t have to be. In hiring a seasoned Watertown attorney, you and your children will no longer have to live under financial strain.