Dog Bite Attorney

Being attacked by a dog can often be a frightening and unexpected experience. Aside from the pain, you can only think: how could this have happened? Most times, these attacks occur due to the negligence of the dogs’ owners. But you shouldn’t have to suffer, and you definitely shouldn’t have to pay the price. In hiring an experienced dog bite attorney, you can get the compensation you need to move past this horrific experience.

First, you will need to report this attack to an Animal Control Officer in order to have the dog quarantined in case the dog’s aggressive behaviors stem from having rabies. Not only will this protect others from harm, but you or your loved one will know to get treatment if the ACO determines that the dog is ill.

In order to be compensated for your dog bite injury, you need to gather as much information as possible about the circumstances surrounding the incident. As soon as the event occurs, make a note of who the owner is and the environment that you or a loved one has been attacked in. If you have been invited onto their property and the owner did not give you sufficient warning about the dog’s aggressive behavior, then you have every right to take the dog owner to court. Of course, even if the dog owner was not aware of the dog’s behavior, you still can seek compensation. In Watertown, there are strict liability laws that state that dog owners are still liable for property damage and injury even if they were not aware of their dog’s aggressive behavior. On the other hand, if you or loved one was on the dog owner’s property without their permission, then the dog owner is not liable for the injuries that you have sustained. Also, if the dog owner can prove that you or your loved one provoked the dog in any way, then they will also not be liable for your injuries. As you can see, sometimes these cases can get complicated. With a Watertown dog bite attorney, you will have the tools you need to overcome your dog bite injury.