Business Organization

Business Organization

Attorney Harvey Alford leads the Business Organization practice of the firm of Alford Legal Group LLC. Attorney Alford grew up in a family engaged in business activities the way some families are engaged in the love of sports. As a young adult he worked in the family's various businesses including wholesale tobacco, retail petroleum, restaurants and real estate investment. He brings all of this firsthand knowledge to his practice of law in the area of business organization and business support.

Whether you are setting up your first small business as a partnership, "S" Corporation, "C" Corporation, LLC or LLP Attorney Alford with discuss the pros and cons of your choice and help you make the decision as to the best form of organization for you. If you are working with an accountant he will work with your accountant to make certain that everyone working together. He will then prepare the best possible organizational papers for you, both those to be filed with the Commonwealth and those for your own personal records.

Once in business the firms of Alford Legal Group, LLC can help you with your leases or purchases of property and with all contractual needs. We will also make certain that you are up to date on all labor standards to assure that you do not find yourself in any difficulty with that area of the law.

If you are a residential or commercial landlord you will be in the best of hands with Alford Legal Group, LLC. The firms has represented municipal housing authorities for over twenty-five years and handled, without a single flaw, all of the technical details of dealing with state and federally subsidized properties and rents. We can prepare your leases, track the time period for option rights, and deal with problem tenants when necessary.

For your business needs contact Attorney Harvey Alford and Alford Legal Group, LLC. You will be glad that you did.

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