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The experienced professionals at Alford Legal Group, LLC truly understand that family legal matters present an array of challenges that can persist outside of the courtroom

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There are a handful of legal matters regarding a family that can have a positive connotation such as adoption or marriage. The majority of the time, unfortunately, the intersection of the law and a family can be emotionally challenging. In these situations, it is wise to consult with an experienced lawyer to learn more about the legal process and your options to successfully reach a beneficial result.

The Boston family attorneys at Alford Legal Group, LLC, have decades of cumulative experience guiding clients through these difficult and potentially frustrating situations. It is our goal to remove as much of the stress and worry from our client's shoulders as possible. We strive to ensure our clients fully understand the legal process and any timelines or challenges they might face along the way.

We provide legal advice and representation to clients in Massachusetts in a wide range of family law practice areas, including but not limited to.

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