Father's & Mother's Rights Attorney

During child custody cases, parents enter the courtroom with the assumption that there is a gender bias in the family court system. Many fathers are concerned that the mother of their child will gain full custody where they, as the father, will have little to no time with their child. Although mothers often attain full custody of the child, this is not a guarantee. In fact, courts do not determine custody based solely on the parents’ gender but guide their decision to be in the best interest of the child. When it comes to establishing paternity, child custody, and child visitation; courts will always place the child’s best interests first. Hiring an expert father’s rights attorney or mother’s rights attorney will ensure that your rights as a parent are being protected in the courtroom.

For mothers as well as married couples, establishing their legal parental status is automatic. However, if the father and the mother are unmarried, the father will need to establish paternity before asking for child custody or child visitation. If both parents want to establish paternity, signing the “Voluntary Acknowledgement of Parentage” is the easiest option. If the mother refuses to sign, then the father must attain a court order as well as conduct a paternity test in order to gain their rights as a father.

Fathers have the same rights as mothers in the courtroom, meaning that the courts will most likely grant joint custody. In order to gain custody, the father must show that they are interested in the day-to-day life of the child and are able to provide the child with a healthy environment to live in. If the mother firmly believes that the father will be a negative influence on the child, then the mother and the mother’s rights attorney must build a case based on the evidence that she provides demonstrating that the father should not have custody. In hiring a father’s rights attorney or mother’s rights attorney in Watertown, you will be able to exercise your right to be in your child’s life.