Green Card, Citizenship & Naturalization Petitions

Navigating through the complexities of the US immigration system can be overwhelming. Each immigration issue requires the unique expertise of seasoned immigration attorneys that can use their years of experience to solve your immigration problems. Whether you wish to attain a green card, attain citizenship and naturalization, or prevent deportation; Alford Legal Group, LLC is committed to solving your immigration issues. Remember: you have a right to be here, and that right should be defended by the most experienced Watertown immigration attorneys.

The first step that people make when they want to live in the United States is to apply for a green card. For many immigrants, there are three main ways in which they are eligible for a green card: family, a job offer or refugee status. If you are an immediate family member of a US citizen, then you are eligible for a visa. Keep in mind: there are different categories of “preference” that will determine who will get their visas first. With employment-based visas, you will be able to attain a visa through your employer filing a petition for you. If you have come to the US based on your refugee status, then you have one year to apply for a green card.

After you have attained your green card, how do you become a citizen of the United States? Well, you must live as a permanent resident in the United States for five years. However, you can submit your application for citizenship to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services within ninety days of the end of your five-year permanent residency. From this point, you will undergo a process of interviewing, fingerprinting, and other requirements in which the US government will determine whether to accept or deny your application. With so much on the line, an experienced attorney that can help you attain a green card, as well as citizenship and naturalization in Watertown, is the best way for you to remain in the United States legally.